College Students Don’t Need Sleep


College students in movies always happily talk about the famous “all-nighter” with smiles on their faces. Untrue. I pulled an all-nighter Monday (when I started this blog) and I am still exhausted. Silly movies trying to trick us.

But, movies’ representation isn’t completely untrue. Many college students do stay up all night – especially around finals time which is right now at UGA.

As a public relations student, I have a hard time going more than a few hours without Twitter so of course I was tweeting at 4 am Tuesday morning. Much to my surprise, there were several other UGA PR students online as well. This led me to my greatest sleep-deprived realization:

PR students aren’t procrastinators, we’re perfectionists!

Any thoughts? Even after my four-hour nap yesterday I think that is still true, but I would love some other opinions.

About Courtney

I love to write - I even work in Corporate Communications. But my favorite thing to write are children's stories. Luckily, I have lots of little cousins to test them on!
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