America’s PR Team

Non-PR students or professionals may not be able to grasp the reason for the immensely gigantic smile on my face right now, but it’s there because my team of five of the best public relations students at the University of Georgia just won the PRSSA Bateman Competition.

After eight months of extensive primary research, well thought-out planning, using grassroots methods to educate the Athens community and another hundred or so hours analyzing and writing up the results of our grassroots, word-of-mouth campaign for the 2010 U.S. Census, we are the winners. Our hard work paid off.

The Bateman Competition allows PR students to create a full, real-life public relations campaign for a national client. We used our great Grady College education to actually produce a campaign that truly helped our community (Census participation rates in Athens are up from a decade ago already).

I am so proud of our hard work and so grateful for the experience. Thank you PRSSA, the U.S. Census Bureau, Kristin, Debbie, Magan, Bridgett and Dr. Sweetser. Also, a thank you to our biggest fans – Charlie, Sameer, Wes, Trey and Chris.

Dr. Sweetser, Magan, me, Kristin, Debbie and Bridgett

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I love to write - I even work in Corporate Communications. But my favorite thing to write are children's stories. Luckily, I have lots of little cousins to test them on!
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  1. Count me in as your 6th biggest fan. đŸ˜€

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