A look at the last 20 years, 361 days

As my 21st birthday approaches, I have been finding myself reflecting on the last 21 years. There have been good days, stressful days, happy days, sad days, angry days, joyful days and the occasional bad days.

Isn’t it funny how you come home after a bad day and proclaim, “this is the WORST day of my life,” yet you never seem to remember those days? I can’t seem to pinpoint a single one.

I can, however, think of a few of the best days of my life. Fittingly, these are the best 21 memories of my last 21 years.

The Bateman Team

1. Just a week and half ago when my Bateman team won the national PRSSA competition and then toured the White House.

2. PRSSA National Assembly. I ended up losing, but I met so many lifelong friends and I know that I truly helped PRSSA chapters across the country learn new ways to recruit/retain members.

Chris and I at dinner after skiing in Gatlinburg

3. Skiing in Gatlinburg with my boyfriend, Chris.

4. Singing karaoke in Florence, Italy with my Aussie friends (honestly, pretty much every day I spent in Europe).

5. Eating ice cream at Coldstone senior year with Justin, Katie and Cheney.

6. Skipping first period to eat breakfast at Waffle House on senior skip day with Savannah, Bethany, Kate and Morgan.

My best friends and me on my old street in front of my house

7. The day I moved to Georgia from Michigan when all my friends came over and we had a photo shoot to remember our time together.

8. Junior prom with Kayela, Mikey and the rest of the gang.

9. Playing hide and seek in the Jonesville park with Doyce, Jayme and Mark.

10. Summer nights at Chris and Hans’ house.

My baby. I miss her!!Mercury Cougar (I MISS THAT CAR!!).

11. The day my mom bought me my dream car – Callie, my 2001 Mercury Cougar (Man, I miss that car!!!!!).

12. My first visit to the University of Georgia with my mom, Kayela and my dog, Baxter.

13. Sick days with Marlayna playing Uno, eating Oreos and watching Now and Then.

14. Winning my first cross country race – Homer in 7th grade.

At a Tiger's game

15. Watching the Detroit Tigers games with my daddy.

16. Sitting in Mr. Young’s math class paying more attention to passing notes than learning fractions.

17. Laughing for HOURS with Cassie and Korey in Mr. Gaunt’s class.

18. Being the only girl in 2nd grade brave enough to hold a 30-foot boa constrictor.

19. Winning my very own “spy kit” when I was the first to guess Whodunit at the local library.

Me and my bestie - Kayela

20. Meeting my future best friend, Kayela Martin.

21. Don’t tell my parents, but I love that when I was 3 (and I truly remember this) I, with the help of my younger neighbor, figured out how to drive my daddy’s truck! Unfortunately, we backed it into another car and did a good amount of damage.

It sure has been a great 21 years. Here’s to an equally wonderful next 21.

To the next 21 years

About Courtney

I love to write - I even work in Corporate Communications. But my favorite thing to write are children's stories. Luckily, I have lots of little cousins to test them on!
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One Response to A look at the last 20 years, 361 days

  1. Sharon Krent Kowarsch says:

    WOW Courtney….How sweet! Check you email for a picture you might want. Love you much.

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