iPhone Coming to Verizon?

I, like many loyal Verizon customers, have been eagerly awaiting an iPhone compatible with Verizon’s CDMA network. Well, maybe I’ve been a little more eager than the average consumer. Some have even described me as “obsessed.” What can you do? After all, the iPhone was a revolution to the world of the cellular phones.

There have been reports and rumors about the spread of the iPhone empire to Verizon for almost a year now. I have avidly kept up with the news praying for a beacon of hope that I will no longer be left alone in the world with no iPhone. However, the more I read the more I see that my prayers may be fruitless – at least for a few more years.

Why Apple Doesn’t Want to Sell to Verizon

There are a number of reasons I’ve discovered that Apple would not want to sell it’s iPhone to Verizon.

  1. Verizon has been slamming the iPhone in advertising with the Droid Does campaign.
  2. Apple wants to control the repair of iPhones, like it does now, while Verizon insists on being allowed to fix customers’ phones in-house.
  3. If the iPhone is available on competing networks, the price of the product will be driven down in competition. (I don’t believe this would ultimately be negative though because selling twice as many phones at 2/3s of the price is still a big profit!).
  4. Apple will lose control if they sell to Verizon. As the number one selling smart phone on AT&T, they have a lot of control when it comes to advertising and sales operations.
  5. It would be a lot more work to create a phone compatible with Verizon’s CDMA network and then create a whole new phone next year when Verizon switches to 4G.

Why Verizon Doesn’t Want the iPhone

Verizon, unfortunately, also has several reasons not to mess with the iPhone.

  1. Performance-wise, Verizon already has the best smart phones on the market with the HTC series and the Droid system.
  2. Verizon wants to maintain the same level of customer service they’ve always had but Apple is making that difficult with a phone that does not have a battery removable or replaceable by consumers or even Verizon employees.
  3. The competition with AT&T that the iPhone would produce would drive the price of cellphone internet access down.
  4. Verizon may fear that the overusage of the internet (as iPhone users are famous for) may clog the network like what’s happening right now on AT&T.

So all-in-all, I am disheartened about the whole thing. Maybe I will make the switch over to an HTC phone. They’re supposed to be better anyway. A friend of mine just got back from the annual Google Conference in San Fransisco where they GAVE AWAY the brand-new, not yet released to the public HTC Evo AND the Droid. And I must say, the Evo is amazing. It’s just like a computer but it fits in the palm of your hand.

Anyone have any suggestions either way?


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